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4 home office trends here to stay in 2021

The pandemic has changed the world around us in so many ways, including interior design. And if there is one area that COVID influenced most in our home, it’s undoubtedly our workspace.

Last year redefined work culture, making a home office essential by forcing many of us to work from home. The WFH trend is not disappearing anytime soon, so if you’re looking for major inspiration for your home office makeover, consider these trends:

Color Me Happy

Now is the time to create a fun, inspiring, and productive office environment with a vibrant and more playful palette.

Besides the aesthetic and inspiring looks, design experts say that adding color to your office space can help to replace the absence of coworkers and their subsequent characters. So, if you want to avoid certain monotony that comes with working from home, consider adding beautiful accent walls, fun decorations, statement chairs, and loud rugs into your home office.

Quiet and Peace

Spouses on a work call, roommates talking and kids playing…working from home can be noisy and distracting.

Creating a designated workspace can help you separate work time from life at home and help decrease distractions and aid in your productivity. Adding sliding glass doors is a smart option to help further increase that separation and you may also consider investing in noise-canceling headphones, triple or double pane windows, carpeting, or other soundproofing techniques.

Compact and Functional Workspace

From smart storage units like custom office cabinets and bookshelves that help keep things uncluttered to ergonomic work chairs and desks that allow you to shift between positions – compact, adaptable, and multifunctional pieces are what everyone wants in their home offices. This will enable you to turn the space between your dining room and kitchen, the area under your staircase, or even the smallest bedroom corner into a fabulous compact home office on a budget – a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in 2021.

Optimized for Video Calls

Even if you’re not attending too many video calls, you will benefit from a home workspace that keeps out noise, is well lit, organized, and presents an eye-catching backdrop.

Light your home workstation with multidirectional lighting to avoid shadows and look your best on a Skype or Zoom meeting. Invest in custom home office cabinets or built-in bookshelves to keep the space uncluttered and well organized, and create a wonderful backdrop from paintings, photographs, and decorated walls or shelves to make your workspace look elegant and camera-ready.

Are you rethinking your home office or looking to make “redecorating your home workstation” part of your plans this year? Innovative Cabinets and Closets is here to assist in making your dream or wildest workspace fantasies come true. As professionals with many years of experience in storage and organization, we can create custom built-ins, shelves, cabinets, desks and other home office solutions that are high quality, beautiful, practical and something you’ll love to use and show off.

Schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can help you create an organized, functional and productive workspace.

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