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6 Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

Is your garage slowly becoming a catch-all for everything from baseball mitts and bikes to potting soil and empty boxes? Are you utilizing your space wisely, or is it becoming a wasted no man’s land? Your garage shouldn’t be a forgotten space that’s used to house junk — make your garage work for you!

With some thoughtful upgrades and additions, your garage can become a superior storage space that, believe or not, will have room for your car too. This may seem like a distant dream, but it can be your reality! Read on for a list of ways you can transform your garage into your dream space!

  1. Shelves

If you want to make your garage space a beacon of storage beauty, shelves should be your first step. Shelving offers a place for your items to reside so that they aren’t on the floor or shoved against a wall. Shelving is an affordable way to make the square footage of your garage seem larger and maximize your available space.

  1. Custom cabinets

Just like shelves, cabinets are the key to extra space. Carefully planned and crafted shelving delivers built-in space for everything you need to store. Plus, they look good too! You don’t have to sacrifice stylish looks while trying to improve functionality.

  1. Designated “zones”

Once you have cabinets and shelving in important areas, it’s important to keep up with organizing by separating your stuff into designated zones. Zones are often more functional when they are broad. Dividing your garage items into categories like “sports stuff” and “gardening” will ensure that everything has a designated space that matches its intended use. When you have a place for everything, you will feel like you have much more space to work with.

  1. Label everything

Labels are an easy way to improve your organization even more without sacrificing space! Labeling will make it easy to find what you need and return what you’ve used back to its correct location. Labels are highly customizable and offer an opportunity to create custom designs that fit your aesthetic, which will make your garage feel more like another room in your home.

  1. Seasonal shuffle

Another way to add space is to only keep what you frequently need in easy-to-reach places. In the summer, place your holiday items and snow shoveling equipment away in the attic or store them on higher shelves so they’re out of sight. Seasonal shifts will ensure you’re prepared for the current season, so don’t forget to rotate throughout the year!

  1. Don’t forget the walls and ceiling.

Last, but certainly not least, you can add slat walls to organize those extension cords, rakes, and quickly needed tools with hooks, hangers and other devices to your garage walls and ceiling to make up for any space limitations. When your items are off the floor and out of sight, you’ll find a wealth of extra space for the essential items you need more often.

Stop wasting your garage space! Innovative Cabinets & Closets has a wide range of garage solutions that will add the storage and organization you desperately need. From custom, beautifully built cabinets to shelving and more, we can work with your household needs to plan an intelligent garage that’s perfect for you. Contact us today for a free garage consultation!

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