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4 tips to organize your pantry for the holiday season

You may still be sneaking peanut butter cups from your kiddo’s Halloween bucket, but before you know it, the holidays will be here! 4 tips to organize your pantry for the holiday season

Whether you’re hosting or you’re taking your favorite casserole to your family potluck Thanksgiving dinner, food preparation is going to reign supreme as your activity of the moment during these festive months. But, if you’re facing down a jumbled mess of a pantry, cooking might be quite the challenge!

Prepare for a smooth—er, as smooth as possible—sailing November and December cooking and baking season by whipping your pantry into shape. Easier said than done? These quick tips can lead you on the path to a streamlined, functional pantry (with plenty of secret spots to stash stolen Halloween treats).

Out with the Old

Your first step to getting on the path to clean pantry greatness is getting rid of all the old, outdated and unnecessary food items. Donate anything that isn’t expired, but that you aren’t going to use: Think canned goods and dry pasta.

In with the New

Get some storage bins and put them to use. Make a bin for snacks, “evergreen” dry goods, breakfast items, kids’ foods, etc. Put everything in its place and you instantly have a more streamlined pantry.

Organize Thoughtfully

Plan out the location of each storage bin based on how often the items are used. For everyday meal items, put them closer to the front. Same with kids’ treats and snacks that are daily go tos. Items that you need sometimes can stay further towards the back.

Don’t Forget About Doors + Walls

Hanging things can help to add space. Shelves offer extra storage, while hooks are a great place to hang aprons, utensils and more.

Call for Professional Help!

Pantry organization may seem daunting, and if you’re really struggling to get it together, consider a pantry makeover. Bringing in a professional to craft a custom pantry solution can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping this space in tip top shape.

Let us help you remove pantry stress this holiday season and make cooking and baking a (less) anxiety-inducing activity! Schedule a free design consultation with us today.

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