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4 Reasons You Need a Wall Bed

Picture this: Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you’re frantically preparing for family arrivals. On top of the Thanksgiving dinner plans, you must figure out how to house five extra people in a home with no extra beds.

Instead of stressing and then dealing with complaints from those who slept on couches, there’s an answer to the problem!

Here are four reasons why a wall bed is the perfect solution:

You’re short on space

If you have guests but no designated guest room for them, a wall bed is the perfect solution. Our custom wall beds can fit into any spare room you have, including home offices and entertainment rooms. Since wall beds are designed with space in mind, you won’t even know it’s there!

You can build storage around a wall bed

Pulling the wall bed down from the wall has the potential to take away from space in the room. However, wall beds can be designed to look like a built-in with storage around it so the space is even more functional.

If your guest room is doubling as a home office, cabinets and shelving can be installed with the wall bed frame. Similarly, if your wall bed is in an entertainment room, cubbies or other storage systems built around it can be used to store your games and electronic devices.

Wall beds require little user effort

Unlike a traditional sleeper sofa or a total room rearrangement to accompany guests, all you need to do with a wall bed is pull it down by the handles. There’s already stress associated with preparing for guests, so why not make the process a little bit easier?

Wall beds are made for everyday sleeping

Couches, sleeper sofas, and rollaway beds are not ideal for a good night’s rest. Even if your guests are only staying for a few days, a wall bed will guarantee an uninterrupted sleep. The cabinet face of a wall bed is similar to a box frame and the design of the frame allows for a standard mattress, which is way better than a metal frame or the couch.

Are you ready to create a wall bed perfect for your guests?

Our talented team can help you transform any room into a more versatile, family-friendly area that’s perfect for holidays or even a Saturday night sleepover. Visit our showroom to explore wall bed projects we’ve done in the past or bring us your own, creative idea. Schedule a consultation today!

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