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5 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

5 tips for organizing your garage 1

Is your garage one of your greatest storage assets? Or is it a catchall spot that’s a huge mess? 

It’s so easy to toss something in the garage because it’s out of sight, out of mind, until your space is so full there’s nowhere to park your vehicle!  

A cluttered garage can make it hard to find the things you need, while also wasting valuable extra square footage for your stuff. If you’re facing a mountain of “just throw it in the garage” piles, it’s time to whip your garage into shape.  

Easier said than done, huh? As you gaze around at sports equipment, flowerpots and tangled extensions cords, you’re probably wondering how you can possibly get started.   

Here are a few tips to help you find things you need, get rid of what you don’t and create a space you can actually use.   

Tip #1: Give yourself plenty of time  

Setting aside a large chunk of time, ideally a full day or even a whole weekend, ensures that you have no excuses when it comes to getting the job done. An hour or two might not get you through the mess, so give yourself uninterrupted hours and stick to the commitment to get the job done.   

Tip #2: Map out your space  

Before you start deciding where everything is going to go, it can help to draw out your space and where things might fit. Think of each area as a zone, like the “gardening zone” and the “tools zone.” This enables you to keep items together that will be used at the same. Plus, you’ll be able to find what you want easier!  

Tip #3: Sort and toss  

Set up folding tables or large bins. Start by grabbing items and either putting them in a save pile on a table or bin or put into a trash bag to throw out or give away. Go through every single item, sorting like items together that you want to keep. Anything that you rarely use and do not need should be given away or thrown in the garbage if it’s not functional anymore.  

Tip #4: Get things up and off the floor  

When things are all over the floor, it’s hard to see what you have. Plus, floorspace is prime in a garage.  

Some easy ways to get stuff off the floor include: 

  • Hooks 
  • Ceiling mounted storage tracks 
  • Wall-mounted tracks 

Tip #5: Go for shelves and bins vs. closed cabinets  

Not only are shelves or built-ins more affordable than cabinets, they also put your items on display and in sight. When you can see your stuff, it’s much easier to access. Cabinets are often bulkier and can be more challenging to find what you need.  

Once you have shelves or built-ins put up, you can use clear bins to store loose items. Use a label maker so that you know exactly what is inside!  

Bonus: Level up your lighting and flooring  

While the lights and flooring aren’t going to make your space more organized, they can help enhance your space! Switch out old lighting for brighter, more appealing lights so that finding anything is a breeze and consider finishing your floors with an epoxy coating for a cleaner, sleeker look.   

If all of this sounds incredibly daunting, or you need some help once it’s time to address shelves and built-ins, Innovative Cabinets & Closets is here for you! 

Our custom built-ins can transform your garage, maximize your space and offera timeless look with added value. Contact us today for a free garage consultation! 

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