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6 Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

6 Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

Is your garage slowly becoming a catch-all for everything from baseball mitts and bikes to potting soil and empty boxes? Are you utilizing your space wisely, or is it becoming a wasted no man’s land? Your garage shouldn’t be a…

Working from Home is Here to Stay

working from home is here to stay

In more ways than one, the pandemic changed the way we live. From where we go—or don’t go— to how our kids learn, the COVID-19 surge shook things up. One area that has been altered drastically is how we work.…

How to Makeover Your Closet in 2022

how to makeover your closet in 2022

What are your goals for 2022? Maybe you want to eat healthier or finally chase after that new job you’ve been dreaming about. If your pie in the sky goal is to get your closet into tip-top shape, this dream…

4 tips to organize your pantry for the holiday season

4 tips to organize your pantry for the holiday season

You may still be sneaking peanut butter cups from your kiddo’s Halloween bucket, but before you know it, the holidays will be here! Whether you’re hosting or you’re taking your favorite casserole to your family potluck Thanksgiving dinner, food preparation…

Creating the ultimate entertainment space

creating the ultimate entertainment space

Whether you’re the go-to house for the holidays and family parties, or just like to have people over occasionally, your entertainment space set-up is an important part of making sure guests have a fun and enjoyable time. With football season…

4 Reasons You Need a Wall Bed

4 reasons you need a wall bed

Picture this: Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you’re frantically preparing for family arrivals. On top of the Thanksgiving dinner plans, you must figure out how to house five extra people in a home with no extra beds. Instead…

4 home office trends here to stay in 2021

home office trends

The pandemic has changed the world around us in so many ways, including interior design. And if there is one area that COVID influenced most in our home, it’s undoubtedly our workspace. Last year redefined work culture, making a home…

Five Built-In Benefits

five built in benefits

From elaborate media centers to elegant bookcases, shelving, cabinets and more, built-ins deliver great versatility to your home’s design and provide many benefits for your everyday living. What can built-ins add to your space? Enhances room space. Built-in shelving and…

Three Easy Steps to Organize Your Pantry

Custom Builtin Pantry Cabinets Indianapolis
Ah, the pantry. One of the most important storage locations in your home—because, of course, that’s where the snacks are! From late-night nibbles and afternoon pick-me-ups, to housing your meal staples, the pantry is an essential to your home life. But with so many must-have items in there, and lots of hands grabbing at them all day long, it can quickly go from convenient storage space to an unkempt mess.

Five Closet Organization Tips

closet organization tips
Does walking into your closet lead to a headache? Are you constantly rifling through piles of clothing, shoes and junk in order to find anything suitable to wear? If any of this sounds like you, it’s time for a closet intervention. How can you transform your closet from disorganized to tidy? Here are five tips to help you get started on the path to clean: