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Three Easy Steps to Organize Your Pantry

Ah, the pantry. One of the most important storage locations in your home—because, of course, that’s where the snacks are! From late-night nibbles and afternoon pick-me-ups, to housing your meal staples, the pantry is an essential to your home life.

But with so many must-have items in there, and lots of hands grabbing at them all day long, it can quickly go from convenient storage space to an unkempt mess.

If you’re facing a crumb-filled, disorganized pantry, all is not lost. Here are a few tips to help you keep your space a little more organized and mess-free.

Clean It Out

Throw out those stale animal crackers from 2019 and toss the chips your toddler spilled on the floor and then put back into the bag.

Chuck what you don’t want or need, and what you’re left with should be edible and not expired. Same goes for non-food items that you keep in your pantry, like reusable storage containers or plastic freezer bags. Get rid of what’s not useful anymore—like that Tupperware lid with no discernible matching bottom piece—so you’re only left with the necessities.

Group Like Items Together

Now, it’s time to flex those pre-K matching skills and put all the similar items together. Spices and seasonings stick together, oils and cooking sprays are on a team, pretzels and chips join forces and so on.

Use Clear Storage Bins

Use any kind of clear storage bin to place each grouping of like items together, then label the bin. You can use food-specific storage containers, or you can make do with what you have on hand. The point is to have a central location for each food type, ensuring that it’s easier for everyone in the family to find what they need and put it back where it goes!

That’s a pretty simple way to restore some sort of organization to your pantry. If you really want to add extra storage space and transform your less-than-functional pantry, we have plenty of solutions to enhance what you have. We can work with you to create a custom pantry with added shelves and drawers, ensuring the chaos turns into a creative, streamlined use of space.

Get started on a pantry upgrade with our talented team of designers and builders today!

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