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Custom Closets

Ready to have MORE space in your closet? You can with a custom closet from the expert designers at Innovative Cabinets and Closets. Our team works with you to make the most of your space with a custom design. Whether you’re creating a walk-in closet or you want to maximize the closet you already have, our organization experts have the solution.

What does complete closet organization look like? Check out our photo gallery for inspiration ideas. Warning… you might just want to show your closet to everyone! Each photo is a custom solution created for a Central Indiana homeowner.

Walk-In Closets

Putting together your daily look is a breeze when your clothing and accessories are beautifully displayed in a custom-built closet! Whether you’re looking for a boutique layout or a simple expansion, these functional and fashionable spaces ensure everything you love is close at hand.

From large center islands with drawers and custom-made cabinets to celebrity-worthy shoe organizers, we can create unique, personalized features built around your lifestyle and your needs.

Custom Closet Systems Key Features and Accessories:

Switch it up and choose the best mix of these features for your needs:

  • Central islands
  • Intricate custom doors
  • Full-length mirrors
  • Adjustable height shoe shelves
  • Drawers that extend fully
  • Easy pull out racks for all your accessories
Reach-In Closets

Our reach-in closets are built around your needs and make optimum use of smaller spaces. Intelligent and functional, all of our reach-in custom closets deliver big storage without taking up big space.

You might not think there’s much you can do with a smaller closet space, but the possibilities are truly endless. With custom closet cabinets and storage shelves hand-crafted by our expert team, you’ll find that you stuff has somewhere to go and the design is aesthetically pleasing. We’ll build custom closet solutions that take your space to the next level.

Kid's Closets

Kids may be little, but their storage needs are BIG. Our kids’ closet options maximize space in your kiddo’s room, ensuring everything from their favorite toys to all their clothing is stored neatly and intuitively. Reducing morning struggles is the name of the game!

Whether your kiddo has a plethora of outfits, tons of sports gear, or all the latest toys, they need to find a place for everything. A custom-made closet for your little one delivers premium storage, value and function, without skimping on all-important style. We offer a mix of shelving, hanging accessories units, and custom closet cabinets to make the most of the space in your child’s closet!

Utility Closets

Ok, so you might not be excited about your utility closet. But it’s a vital part of your home. Ensure that everything you need to keep your household running smoothly is well-organized and has a place with our custom-built closet options.

From cleaning supply storage to linens and beyond, your home’s utilities need a place to go. Our custom options include adjustable shelving, deep storage, drawers, slide-out baskets, wall-mounted storage, fold-up and pullout ironing boards and more.